Alekhya Lingutla
1 min readFeb 2, 2022

The struggles that never meet

To the girl who is lost

Nevertheless, surrounded by her own flaws

That seldom hide beneath her vehemence of warmth

Stuck in the thoughts of her desires

Unable to embrace them in The light of her own thinking

For the dearest of them

Who stood by with all their patience

Biding their time inside her warmth

Only to feel the depth of its numbness

That’s struggling — not unwilling — to change

Oh, the dearest who tried most of it’s worth

Who strained most of their life in agony

Who bent down wanting the affection

Couldn’t count it anymore

And the strongest became the weakest

And the most silent became the loudest

Heavy on their chest fell those stubborn tear drops

Broken forever

And Months have passed

The girl who kept struggling

The dearest who tried his fingers to see if it had numbers

Yes, the sores were real

But not realizing that verity is far from their pain

They slide into darkness that never wants to look up