The last note

Alekhya Lingutla
1 min readApr 21, 2021
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Running my fingers over the contrasting keys

To hear the sound blare into my ears

While riffling through the crisp timbre paper

As the wind rustled into the open door

Forcing more air into the house

Interrupting with the music boldly

Touching my skin to breathe its coldness

It drifted through my thick tousled hair

And thumped across the surface of the fingerboard

Lovely or rather enchanting

Or perhaps a little mellifluous

Breathing passion

Free of chaos

As it soothed and flickered

In every direction

In search of its power, its time

I hit harder

Pressing into my muscles

Against the wind as the wind stirred stronger

Lost in its direction

Yet confidently gushing beneath the loud music

It waits

Until it finds a form to play along

There were times i ended my game neatly

Other times it was an incessant chaos

Or might i say a bit unseemly

But this time it was bewitching yet brawny

It disappeared when i clanged on the last note

Gushing and fainting as the chorus

Hit its last dail

And finally i smiled