Alekhya Lingutla
1 min readApr 19, 2021


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Staring brazenly into his eyes

I locked them

Hoping to root out of my buried thoughts

Then waiting for just the right moment

Suddenly i am enveloped

Enveloped in his room

Feeling my heavy lids

Waiting to flicker

Yet sinking into his entangled peeper

Before I looked left and right

Porting a not so obvious laughter

Or perhaps glaring enough?

To be shrouded in the sense of his single space

I took a deep breath

And shuffled a few steps back

Coveting this irrepeatable concoction

Only to feel his hand slide over my jawline

And onto my cheeks

As my heartbeat resonates loudly

And as my breath is intoxicated in his scent

Denting into the perfect furrow

I gasped loudly

And there i laid struggling to unhitch

Rushing my last breath into powerful snaps

I stared filling those balls

For the better in the good, flapping my lids

I walked away, slipping my hands off

Feeling unfillingly renewed