She needs to hear this

Alekhya Lingutla
1 min readMay 12, 2022


who one day needs to fathom

that the world will not be hers

that people will not hers

that her thoughts are roaming around searching for the truth

in a world full of her own fabrications

As she struggles to make the good meet deceit

dearest ones become distant

and as she settles for the unasked attention from the distant

she wants to settle for no less

no less than what she deserves

no less that she feels so right

voice of the close visually muttering in her head

voices who care asking her to start fresh

asking her to stop being so gullible

for the love that is true only wishes with a pure heart

and yet gives her as many chances

yes, to herself

who really needs to fathom

world that is hers, people who are hers

not searching for the fabricated truth which she knows is not

not covered in a world full of fabrications