Alekhya Lingutla
2 min readApr 18, 2021


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Gasping in a breath deep me

Rolling my eyes open

Sobbing when my mom clasped my arms

Holding still

The sound of my crying fainted

As i saw her open her wrinkled eyes

And feel the coldness seep into her fingers


I sat to hear my heart throbbing against my chest

And my mom crying

I wondered

But I could hear my Grandpa

I could hear the never-ending devotional talks

Those late night whispers

Those long rides and much more perhaps

I could hear his love pound heavy on my chest

Vividly reminiscing petty details

Clutching the thoughts into my head

I whimpered holding onto the indefinite fear

Breath became scruffy

Voice stuttered in shallow gasps

And tears hardened as they down my face

Slowly slipping me into unconsciousness

I woke up

Amid mingled sobs and tears

When the coffin was being carried out

And my mom across the room was only tearing down

I couldn’t help yet hoped it was all a nightmare

Voice shoved in my throat as i heard more sobs

From my dearest ones

Tears fell thickly down my cheeks and I only tried

To cover my face of anguish

Until the funeral is over

Now that he’s gone

I stood in silent grief

Masking the light of his memories forever in my heart

Smiling while bruised inside