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Rolling up my eyes

Reaching through every letter of the

Thick-headed novel

I pondered gracefully

Embracing every other word

I pressed by

The dark fervour

The sweet desolation

The unescapable misery

as it hits the globe of incessant vocals

obscured in the sense of this pristineness

fluttering the doors of my heart open

Suddenly I am enthralled

Beyond distress

Over the blues

By the sense of single space

Maybe the mournful laughter

Or the sorrowful tittering

Surrounding the irrepeatable wave

This unfeigned absolute smile

This undefeatable inkling to remain in this

Warm rather sweet dimension

Above all the despairs

Is real


Those enlightening phrases

Those delightful vocables

I peruse

And then, I am stooped

Hauling back each bit

Before it would wither away

Before I am afraid to hem into

The undelightful perception of

The relentless me